RISE believes that the best company
starts with a skilled team.

We have contributed to delivering successes in innovation and people development for leading companies in Thailand and Asia for more than 5 years, through various skill development programs that have been consistently built and developed.

With our distinction and uniqueness in modern knowledge and the world’s leading expert connection, as well as close relationships with international organizations, we are able to design people transformation programs that effectively generate results.

The beginning of corporate innovation and people development in the world of disruption
Programs for Organizations
Type of Programs
Corporate Innovation Bootcamp

This program would help participants learn about innovation development, from defining users’ pain points to creating prototypes used in participants’ companies, in order to transform and develop corporations.

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Leading Innovative Organization

The program is designed for organizational leaders to develop and learn about innovation leadership in order to deal with complex challenges and increase their abilities in directing their companies into the world of innovation.

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The process of accelerating innovation through brainstorming sessions for problem-solving or new business models, including the creation of a prototype that can be tested with target audiences with the assistance of business innovation experts.

30-Day challenge

From the 21-day habit theory and the first 20 hours rule to a course that will challenge participants within a 30-day period, participants will learn about concepts and creative methods to produce innovative products with design thinking through learning and practice with experts providing advice throughout the project.


Board games are an educational tool for learning through brainstorming and practice. Its physical features could enable learners to combine knowledge, abilities, and theories into something tangible.

Exponential leadership

The curriculum is designed to develop the potential of primary executives to be prepared for team management, and mid-level executives to enhance their skills in order to manage their teams more confidently.

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